Classical experts` rating

You do know the classical music very well, we are sure.

Play The classical music quiz and sign your name at the rating of the best experts.

Also you can assign your great victory for a lady (or the man of your dream).

Terms and conditions of this rating are written below.

Classical experts` rating
1 Decisive Battle 巳劳 199 0:09:55 01.05.2018 16:23
2 The Great Composers 巳劳 190 0:08:05 03.06.2018 16:17
3 100 questions for the Expert 巳劳 100 0:03:55 12.05.2018 14:49
4 TOP-50. Promenade 巳劳 50 0:01:36 12.05.2018 15:13
5 Magic opera30 0:01:06 17.08.2018 14:10
6 Favourite: Tchaikovsky 巳劳 27 0:01:03 05.03.2018 14:55
7 Dance with me now! 巳劳 24 0:00:47 09.05.2018 19:53
8 March 理铐桁睇 疱觐痄 18 0:01:42 10.08.2018 08:21
9 Soviet classical music 理铐桁睇 疱觐痄 17 0:00:49 07.08.2018 13:35
10 Lottery with prize 巳劳 12 0:00:39 14.07.2018 12:42
11 TOP-10. Warmup 巳劳 10 0:00:16 11.08.2018 17:30
12 Vocal Leo P. 10 0:00:35 09.08.2018 12:22

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Terms of this rating

  1. Records are fixed with a breakdown by the games (no more than 100 records per game).
  2. For participating in rating you should play the classical quiz game. And if the result of your game will be not less than one of 100 current records (by the game), you will get the possibility to fix your record here.
  3. The raiting fixes only 100 records per each game, thus the newest record always displaces the lowest record (by the game). When some lowest records are equal, the older of them will be displaced.
  4. ClassicalTest Team has the right to keep the only one (the best for each game) result of the player, if this player has some records for the same game.

ClassicalTest Team has the right to delete the record, if its name is incorrect. For example:

ClassicalTest Team has the right to change the terms of this rating without notice of the rating participants.

ClassicalTest Team has the right to delete (or to zero) any record without notice of the rating participants.

Please, ask your question about the rating at comments below.

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