Giuseppe Verdi. Rigoletto. Duke of Mantuas canzone

Rigoletto - La donna e mobile... · Dénes Gulyás


This music is composed by Giuseppe Verdi

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Giuseppe Verdi. Rigoletto. Duke of Mantuas canzone

"La donna è mobile" (Woman is fickle) is the Duke of Mantuas canzone from the beginning of act 3 of Giuseppe Verdis opera Rigoletto (1851).

The canzone is famous as a showcase for tenors. Raffaele Mirate's performance of the bravura aria at the opera's 1851 premiere was hailed as the highlight of the evening. Before the opera's first public performance (in Venice), the song was rehearsed under tight secrecy:[1] a necessary precaution, as "La donna è mobile" proved to be incredibly catchy, and soon after the song's first public performance it became popular to sing among Venetian gondoliers.

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