Leo Delibes. Lakme. Flower Duet

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Leo Delibes
Lakme. Flower Duet *
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Relative level of fame is: 5940
74 % of players usually answer right. This music is often messed up with:
Donizetti. The Elixir of Love. Romanza by Nemorino - 10 %
Bellini. Norma. Aria of Norma - 6 %
Puccini. Turandot. Aria of Calaf - 5 %
Leo Delibes (1836—1891, Leo Delibes). Lakme. Flower Duet

Period: Romanticism music


* The fragment of "Leo Delibes. Lakme. Flower Duet" is presented exclusively for information purposes.

Leo Delibes Lakme. Flower Duet. Comments

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