Vladimir Vavilov. Canzona by Francesco da Milano

Andrey Bugrov - Canzona and Dance · Vladimir Vavilov (Francesco Canova da Milano)

This music is composed by Vladimir Vavilov

Relative level of fame is: 13041

Vladimir Vavilov. Canzona by Francesco da Milano

"Canzona". A composition called "Canzona by Francesco da Milano" (better known as the song "The City of Gold") is commonly misattributed to da Milano.

It is actually a musical hoax by lutenist and famous mystificator Vladimir Vavilov, who composed this song and credited it to Francesco da Milano. After being released by rock band Aquarium in 1987, the song became a big hit in the Soviet Union and beyond and raised questions about the actual credit. It was not until the 2000s that mystification was revealed and the credit for the hit went posthumously to Vavilov.


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