Matvei Blanter. Katyusha

Катюша · Анна Герман (Anna German)


This music is composed by Matvei Blanter

Relative level of fame is: 52409

Matvei Blanter. Katyusha

"Katyusha" (a diminutive form of Ekaterina — Katherine), also transliterated as "Katûša", "Katusha", "Katjuscha", "Katiusha" or "Katjusha", is a Soviet folk-based song and military march.

It was composed by Matvey Blanter in 1938, and gained fame during World War II as a patriotic song, inspiring the population to serve and defend their land in the war effort. In Russia, the song was still popular as of 1995. The song is the source of the nickname of the BM-8, BM-13, and BM-31 "Katyusha" rocket launchers that were used by the Red Army in World War II.

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