Play the classical music Quiz game and test yourself

Classical music test - a Quiz game about famous composers

Guess famous classical music by its fragment. Play the intellectual and intelligent classical quiz game and test your knowledge of classical music.

You can play 9 games with different levels of difficulty and different tasks about classical music and opera.

Different levels of the game will be quite interesting as for amateurs of classics, as the first meeting, and also for experts are willing to guess about 200 fragments of known works.

Musical robot with artificial intelligence

Musical artificial intelligence

Variants of the tests are not repeated! Analytic robot of the quiz generates a completely new game each time.

The quiz algorithm computes the most similar melodies and use them in answers to do the test more complex and interesting.

Are you ready to fight with artificial intelligence ?

The best time records

Best time records

Now in the records is taken into account not only the absolute number of points, but also the time spent by players on passing tests.

The minimum time is indicated in the table as the record speed, and each game has its own time record.

Classical music collection and Rating TOP-100

Classical music collection

Our collection of classical music, used in tasks of quiz.

Also we collect "Classical pieces TOP-100".

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Records | All records

Game and Player Record
Alliances Зима8297
Alliances Философские среды - Якутск8227
Alliances Рамамба Хару Мамбуру7968
Alliances Бездельники-одиночки 7930
Alliances Любители классики из Москвы7364
Alliances За все хорошее6832
Alliances Лео6654
Alliances КЭиС3170
Alliances Санкт-Петербург 1620
Alliances Любители музыки из Черкесска1211
Alliances Lex1089
Alliances Классики и современники905
Alliances Блюз бродячих собак680
Alliances Ялта592
Alliances Классика Минск590
Alliances Ижевск400
Alliances ННВА270
Alliances Илья Широбоков г. Черкесск205
Alliances ПАРНАС201
Decisive Battle кажется вы обманщик199
Decisive Battle всего лишь199
Decisive Battle а назову199
Decisive Battle Гении рулят199
Decisive Battle Гении рулят199
Decisive Battle хмм.. а теперь самое время создать новую команду199
Decisive Battle Гении рулят199
Decisive Battle Гении рулят199
Decisive Battle ЛИАН199
Decisive Battle ЛИАН199
Decisive Battle ЛИАН199